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The CMC Group Way

The CMC Group Way defines the actions and behaviors expected of all CMC Group employees.
We aim to prove ourselves worthy of the trust that our clients and other stakeholders place in us.

CMC Group Corporate Behavior Charter

CMC has established the CMC Group Corporate Behavior Charter in order to promote respect for human rights, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, observation of international rules, and to ensure our business activities are conducted with social decency.


Develop and provide safe, socially beneficial goods and services, and give full consideration to the protection of personal and customer information to attain the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

As a good corporate citizen, actively engage in community-based corporate social responsibility activities to contribute to the development of local regions, while also understanding and respecting local cultures and customs.

Engage in fair, transparent and free competition and ensure that transactions are appropriate.

Possess no ties with antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and security of civil society, and respond resolutely if faced with pressure from said individuals or groups.

Deepen communication with the public, such as customers, shareholders, and local communities, and disclose corporate information actively and fairly.

During international business activities, comply with international rules and local laws. Also, conduct business with respect for local cultures and customs and contribute towards regional development.

Respect the diversity, character, and personality of employees and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, thereby providing a sense of comfort and wellbeing.

Top management recognizes that we have a leading role to play in upholding the spirit of this Charter.

We will demonstrate exemplary leadership in implementing the Charter throughout the corporation and the entire corporate group, while making our values known to our business counterparts. Furthermore, we will constantly endeavor to remain abreast of what people inside and outside the corporation say and establish effective mechanisms for instilling our corporate ethics.

Acknowledge the importance of environmental issues, the common challenges they pose to humanity, and their inseparability from our existence and livelihoods, and be proactive in addressing these concerns.

In the event that this Charter is violated, top management shall make our commitment to resolving the situation known both internally and externally, determine the cause of the infringement, and make efforts to prevent similar violations in the future. At the same time, top management shall promptly make full public disclosure, explain what has occurred, and, upon determining authority and responsibility, impose strict disciplinary action against those held responsible, including top management itself.